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Education and Advocacy Specialist in Care Nepal

The Education and Advocacy Specialist will work closely with the Team Leader and take responsibility for PCTFI-Cohort 3, Regional Project (Maitri). S/he will work with Girls Collectives in empowering them in project areas and identify/build evidence on issues related to safe and secure education and amplify voice around them. Through various mechanisms s/he will engage with families and, communities towards developing positive attitude and supportive environment on issues related to safe and secure education for Dalit and marginalized girls in the field. S/he will generate evidences from the field by implementing activities including the action research initiative to advocate for the establishment of effective mechanisms in the district and national level to provide safe and secure education to Dalit girls. Preferred Qualifications and Experience: Master's degree in Education or any other relevant subjects with a minimum of three years' experience in education and advocacy. Know…

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